Call for Interactive Microscopy & Seminar Proposals

61st Annual Meeting Request for Proposals - Interactive Microscopy (formerly Consultations in Dermatopathology) and Seminars

ASDP Annual MeetingNovember 7-10, 2024
Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile
Chicago, Illinois USA
with optional Virtual Microscopy sessions November 4-6 and Dermatopathology Seminars November 7

IMPORTANT! Only new session topics require proposals. If you directed a consultation or seminar at the 60th Annual Meeting you may be invited to direct the same session in 2024.

We are accepting proposals for Interactive Microscopy sessions (formerly Consultations in Dermatopathology) and Dermatopathology Seminars. These sessions will run one hour fifteen minutes and accommodate up to 30 attendees. Attendee participation in encouraged. 

If you plan to submit a proposal, please consider the following topics for your session; they were noted as being of special interest by our meeting attendees:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Ethics
  • Laboratory management, best practices and improvements
  • Legal
  • Lymphoma
  • Lymphoproliferative disorders
  • Melanocytic
  • Melanoma
  • Molecular testing
  • Mentorship (from young and more seasoned perspectives)
  • Mucocutaneous
  • Pediatric dermatopathology
  • Practical clues and tips
  • In vivo imaging
  • Routine topics/cases encountered in everyday practice
  • Soft tissue

Submission Deadline: Friday, March 1, 2024, at Noon Central Time

No exceptions will be made to the deadline.

Your proposal should include:

  • The format of your course or session – choose from: 1) Short Course, 2) Interactive Microscopy, or 3) Dermatopathology Seminar.
  • The title of your course session
  • Your name, institutional affiliation and contact information
  • An outline of your course/session, in 200 words or less, with the topic or range of topics you plan to cover. Sessions should aim to introduce new or updated information to attendees or provide an organized review of older data, unusual cases or best practices and approaches to diagnosis. The number of cases varies between sessions.

The ASDP Program Committee will evaluate and select proposals. Those whose proposals are accepted will be notified via email in March.

What you should know before you submit a proposal:

Interactive Microscopy sessions and Dermatopathology Seminars are one hour and fifteen minutes in length. Session Directors must respect the allotted time and adhere to the established format. Sessions that run over one hour and fifteen minutes will be curtailed.

  • Interactive Microscopy format was introduced in 2020. Without the limiting factor of viewing extensions and room capacities, this format allows us to open these widely popular sessions to more attendees in an online setting. This year, Interactive Microscopy sessions will be held between Monday, November 4-Wednesday, November 6.  
  • Dermatopathology Seminars will be held Thursday, November 7 this year.
  • All Interactive Microscopy sessions and Seminars will be held via Zoom.
  • Both sessions offer a small group setting, accommodating up to 30 attendees.
  • Attendee interaction is encouraged.

Meeting Registration:

All session directors are required to register for the meeting and pay the meeting registration fee. Annual meeting preliminary program information will be published on our annual meeting website in June.

Proposal Submission Checklist:

Proposals must be submitted online and include:

  • The format of your session – choose from: 1) Interactive Microscopy or 2) Dermatopathology Seminar (not tethered to a microscope).
  • The title of your session.
  • Your name, institutional affiliation and contact information.
  • In 200 words or less, an outline of the topic or range of topics you plan to cover.
  • Practice-based gaps this session will address

The submission site is now closed. 

Questions regarding proposal submission?

Contact Maggie Substalae at ASDP by email at [email protected] or phone at 847-686-2231.